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Your salon is cleaned and disinfected with a clinical approach - to every space, every time!

"Sure, it's clean, but it's not IATRIC clean!"

The founder of IATRIC is a US Army Veteran, and former Critical Care Unit Registered Nurse. This extends into our Class A cleaning culture, and knowledge of CDC Protocol and Universal Precautions as it relates to bacteria and viruses. This coupled with our decades of experience, our trained team, our professional cleaning services, EPA Registered products, sustainable methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and endless commitment on bringing luxury cleaning and disinfecting services to New Yorkers  lends for an unparalleled experience!

Advanced Cleaning Technology

You benefit from high impact results in everyday cleaning and in fighting COVID-19  because we use high performing, low impact, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable supplies, products, and methods.


Your cleaning and disinfecting is done efficiently and safely!

Some of the advanced equipment used for cleaning and disinfecting your space include: 

  • Electrostatic Spray Technology 

  • UVC Light Technology 

  • High Temperature Steam

Recurring Cleaning Services


We will "high touch point disinfect" or deep clean + disinfect your space. Not only do we leave your space looking, smelling, and feeling great, but we strive to create a safe, healthy, sparkling clean, and inviting vibe as soon as you open your door.  

This Is About Peace of Mind + Quality of Life

Expertise  ·  Commitment  ·  Personal Touch

Honest & Reliable

Count on us being careful, meticulous, and striving for perfection.


We professionally train reliable people to ensure your trust in us is preserved and so that you're at ease knowing your space is in the most capable and caring hands!

We Get The Little Things Right

Our company was built upon decades of salon experience. Our nursing, and military background instilled in us a sense of duty and honor. All of this, paired with our strive for perfection, comes alive and is evident when we clean your space. We get the job done - right!


You and your Salon are our top priority, which is why work with you to design a personalized service plan that is uniquely tailored to your your needs. We could go by a pre made checklist but your needs are different than the salon next door - our service is specifically designed just for you!


As a cleaning business, we’re firm believers in environmentally-conscious initiatives. Sure, we want to keep your space clean, but we want to keep the environment clean too. To help us accomplish this goal, we use only 100% eco-friendly, and sustainable cleaning products for every nook and cranny.

Why US? We are Honest • Reliable
Organized • Thorough • Friendly

I was looking to get a complete deep clean of our office space. In all honesty it was gross, years of accumulated dirt and grime under furniture and office equipment that had never been moved. I had made some calls and having had some experiences with professional cleaning services in the past, I was skeptical that the complete job would get done. The quotes I had gotten seemed really cheap for an intense deep cleaning and the scheduling was only going to be what would work best for them. A friend suggested I call Iatric. I figured I'd at least call before I tried to do the job to at least get a quote. 

I called Iatric and spoke to who I assume is the owner, Rob. He was very professional and honest and explained that we would need an intensive deep clean to really get the office back to a place where routine maintenance would be possible. He gave me a rough estimate based on our discussion and explained that they would clean whenever our office wasn't being used, a welcome relief!

Rob and the crew from Iatric showed up. They were discreet and polite and to my relief explained that everything from here on out was taken care of. Rob and crew got to work and I left. 

I returned the next morning to find that our office was immaculate. I'm talking about in addition to the overall cleaning (sweep/mop/vacuum/dusting) the smallest details were attended to. The grout in the bathroom was clean, the rubber gasket around the door of the fridge was scraped of crumbs and I saw that the feet of the desks were cleaned so they wouldn't leave marks when they were moved back in place. It was incredible. 

After seeing the hard work that went into the job, I asked the team what I owed. It was exactly the estimate price! I haven't had this good of an experience with a cleaning service, ever. Their professionalism and attention to detail made them the clear choice for me in the future. Thanks Iatric!


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