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Iatric Professional Cleaning Service
We know just how high your expectations are in the city that never sleeps – which is why we don’t just meet them, we exceed them too.

The founder of IATRIC is a US Army Veteran, and former Critical Care Unit Registered Nurse. This extends into our Class A cleaning culture, and knowledge of CDC Protocol and Universal Precautions as it relates to bacteria and viruses. This coupled with our EPA Registered products, sustainable methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and endless commitment on bringing luxury cleaning and disinfecting services to New Yorkers  lends for an unparalleled experience.


We understand just how important it is to keep your workplace or home clean, disinfected, and in tip-top shape. As a New Yorker we also know just how busy your day can be, and how hard it can be to find the time for this upkeep. For these very reasons, we’re proud to lend our decades of experience, our trained team, and our professional cleaning services to the heart of the Big Apple - to ensure that your space is clean, disinfected, and shines as bright as the lights of Times Square!

Advanced Cleaning Technology

We achieve high impact results using high performing, low impact, non toxic, eco friendly, and sustainable products. We get the job done efficiently and safely.

Equipment of advanced cleaning technology, including Steam Cleaning, and sustainable supplies, allows us to clean your precious abode safely, with ease and efficiency. 

Choose IATRIC Professional Cleaning Service to 

Make your Best First Impression 

Whether you have a large commercial space, boutique store front or a residential property up for sale, we will help you make a great first impression.


Iatric delivers post-construction and pre-sales cleaning services as well as post-rental cleaning services to ensure that your space is top dollar ready! Our main objective in partnering with you is to ensure that you are at ease knowing your property is immaculate and cleaned from top to bottom and every nook and cranny is spotless before and during your listing.


Ooh la la...
What a lovely sight, clean, shiny, and spotless! 
Restaurants  Events • Parties


We will take care of your  restaurant clean-up utilizing hi-tech equipment combined with food grade disinfectants that safely and efficiently kill germs, bacteria, and viruses including COVID-19.


Event management is hectic, and cleaning is the last thing you want on your to-do list. So, add Iatric to your list instead. As part of your event management strategy, we’ll clean your space before, during, and after an event because here in New York City, image is everything.

Residence  Office
Airbnb Vacation Property


We will "hotel clean" or deep clean your residence or your office space. We also offer a premiere Airbnb cleaning service specifically designed for frequently rented properties in New York City. Not only do we leave your space looking, smelling, and feeling great, but we strive to create a warm, welcoming, pleasant, and inviting vibe as soon as you open your door.  

This Is About Improving Your Quality of Life

Expertise  ·  Commitment  ·  Personal Touch


We are careful, meticulous, 

and we always strive for perfection. Our Cleaners are carefully vetted; we professionally train and certify reliable people to ensure your trust in us is preserved and so that you're at ease knowing your space is in the most capable and caring hands!


Iatric was built upon decades of experience - curating our business model. Our military background instilled in us a sense of duty and honor. This, paired with our strive for perfection, comes alive and is evident when we clean your space. In other words, we get the job done - right!


At Iatric, we care about you, which is why we strive to create personalized cleaning service plans that are uniquely tailored to your space and your needs. We take any allergies or special conditions that you may have into account to offer a service specifically designed for you – and no one else. 


As a cleaning business, we’re firm believers in environmental-conscious initiatives. Sure, we want to keep your space clean, but we want to keep the environment clean too. To help us accomplish this goal, we use only 100% eco-friendly, and sustainable cleaning products for every nook and cranny.

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