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New York Is All About Making First Impressions
Builders  ·  Property Owners  ·  Realtors  ·  Designers

IATRIC adds to the appeal of newly constructed, remodeled, or redesigned residential and commercial properties by bringing them to life with a shine that every New York property deserves. This service is best suited for builders, property owners, realtors, and designers looking to make a great first impression on the buyer and ensure the best potential to close a sale.

We provide the initial deep cleaning and disinfecting, followed by maintenance services throughout the sale process.

Rest assured, with our

64+ point checklist,

your listing will be immaculate!

We leave your property sparkling clean and leave your
potential buyers in awe upon their first look.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Before An Event  ·  During The Event  ·  Post-Event Cleanup


A dream event can quickly turn into a nightmare without a competent cleaning service. Our team

of cleaning professionals will keep the venue spick and span prior, during, and after an event.

IATRIC will be a blessing for an event manager with our post-event cleanup service.

Whether you are a professional planner working on large-scale projects, or if you’re simply

holding an intimate gathering for your friends, have IATRIC by your side. You can concentrate

on executing your event and enjoying the day – leave the cleaning to us.

Recurring Cleaning

Residences  ·  Offices  ·  Airbnbs


IATRIC provides daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance cleaning and disinfecting services for residential and commercial spaces. We will clean and or disinfect your Airbnb rentals quickly after your guests leave and prepare them for the next group of guests to ensure that when they step foot into your pristine space, they feel welcomed and comfortable.

IATRIC's 64+ Point Checklist offers you a thorough and luxurious cleaning solution for your office, home, and Airbnb properties. Leave your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning and disinfecting to us. Enjoy life in a spotless home, go back to an immaculate office, and improve your rental income with 5-star Airbnb reviews.


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